Wednesday, May 15, 2013

c'est la vie


well hello there. as you may have guessed... i am very late to posting these pictures. after leaving europe, i got so caught up with holidays and school and life that i completely forgot about our weekend in paris. our europe 2012 adventure wouldn't be complete without that amazing thanksgiving weekend.

i miss this place so dearly. walking around with pain au chocolat, mingling in the open markets, and sipping champagne beneath the eiffel tower all seems like a dream... elliot and I  even avoided transportation as much as possible in order to walk the streets, trying to soak up every part of the city. my favorite part: seeing the eiffel tower from every spot in the city. and yes, the tower is as beautiful as it seems in pictures. ahhh... i can't wait to go back. hopefully it won't be too long!