Thursday, November 8, 2012

{hola españa}

{Sagrada Familia}

{inside Sagrada Familia}

{back side of Sagrada Familia; the crucifixion}

{view from Parc Güell}

{one of Gaudi's "gingerbread" houses}
{famous Park Güell bench}

{Gaudi's House of Bones}
{Barcelona capital}

{Le Sue cathedral}
{sangria, patatas bravas, and flaming chorizo; Barcelona's best!}

{La Boqueria}
{Magic Fountain at sunset}

hello lovlies. as you may be able to tell, our recent trip to Barcelona was packed with incredible cultural experiences. elliot & i took off for spain a few weeks ago to the catalan region, with little knowledge of the culture, food, and atmosphere that awaited us. the trip was incredible. the patatas bravas stole my heart, and so did the amazing views at Parc Güell.

for this trip, elliot & i decided to take a guided weekend tour. i learned the hard way that tours and i aren't exactly made for each other. i am a wanderer. give me a direction, and i will gladly puruse the streets until i find some treasures. tours, on the other hand, are incredibly structured. i am thankful though that we were able to gain such insight into the amazing city of Barcelona. 

our main sights of the weekend included much of Gaudi's amazing architecture, including his famous mosaic bench, House of Bones, and Sagrada Familia. the renowned church was quite a sight. Gaudi's intention for the building was to have a nature-like resemblance (as can be seen from the tree branch supports inside). the rear facade of the church, though constructed recently, eminated Gaudi's original plan for a rough sketch of Jesus' last days on earth.

other than oohing and ahing over Gaudi's incredible work, we also had the opportunity to visit the Magic Fountain. true to its name, the fountain was magical. as the sun went down, the water and light show played to the tune of 40s era music. i was in heaven (it was a tad bit reminiscent of Disney's World of Color, too).

hope your november is going quite delightfully as well darlings. only about five more weeks left in europe. and, i must confess, i am absolutely loving the idea of coming back to beautiful california. although it sounds crazy, traveling week after week is exhausting. and i hate the thought of missing a moment of the christmas season at home!

enjoy your week lovlies.
as always.


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  1. A fabulous post as always my dear...continued safe travels for you mamma