Thursday, October 11, 2012

{italian riviera}


hello lovelies! so sorry it has taken so long, but we have been without internet for the past few weeks... it has not been fun! but i am back, and with plenty of pictures from our italian riviera trip a few weeks ago.
elliot & i traveled a few hours south and spent the weekend in santa margherita ligure. the town was gorgeous. after spending the first day in the quaint town, we left for Cinque Terre. i have never witnessed a more beautiful place. and it wans't even sunny! the saturday we arrived, there was actually a storm in the forecast (not the typical weather you imagine of when thinking of Cinque Terre). however, i could not have imagined a better place to watch an incredible lightening storm than atop a bluff in Vernazza (the third town). it was magical.
since there was rain, all of the walking trails that connect Riomaggiore, Manorola, Corniglia, Vernazza,  and Monterosso were closed. by hopping on the train, we still managed to explore each town and witness their charming uniqueness. 
Portofino was our next adventure on sunday. this luxurious town was filled with gorgeous views and adorable buildings. after a hike to Castello Brown at the top of the town, we finished our visit with a glass of prosecco next to the docks. 
it was definitely one of the most memorable weekends, and i will forever cherish getting to have such an experience. 

last weekend, elliot & i made a last minute trip to the closing weekend of oktoberfest. pictures from that excursion will be coming soon! 

tomorrow, however, we are off to our latest adventure. we are catching a morning flight and will be in london for the weekend! i am secretly excited to visit a culture that speaks english (and that has pumpkin spice lattes......)


  1. Stunning photography as always my fabulous daughter! Do enjoy London!!!

  2. Beautiful!!!!
    Enjoy London and "a piu tardi!"


    1. Thank you so much. London was wonderful! Pictures to come soon :)


  3. Oh I went to Portofino for my 35th, and didn't take any pics, ( pre blog days) thank you for this!