Monday, September 24, 2012

{weekend adventure: milan}

{Il Duomo}

{galleria vittorio emanuel, home to some of milan's most expensive stores}

{Leonardo da Vinci statue}

                 {canals of porta genova}

{our only glimpse of fashion week}

this weekend in italia, we chose to travel to the fashion & finance capital of europe, milan! while our trip was originally inspired by a desire to go to the city during fashion week, it ended up being more focused on seeing the sights. after taking a two hour train ride, we arrived in the heart of the bustling and crowded city. it was extremely different from torino, from the size of the city to the mass of people around every turn. we embraced the city as best we could, and set off to see what it had to offer.
our first stop off the metro was il Duomo, which is milan's most prominent attraction. the cathedral was absoutely gorgeous, laden with reliefs and statues across its entire face. it was a perfect example of pristine gothic architecture.

after spending time in awe of the Duomo, we stumbled upon the Sforza Castle. built in the 1600s, it now houses over 5 museums including ancient egyptian exhibits as well as renaissance sculpture. the most prestigious piece in their largest museum was Rondanini Pieta, which was Michelangelo's last unfinished work. 
{egyptian exhibit}

{the sculpture on the far right is Rondanini Pieta}

{one of the many adorned ceilings in the museum}

 in my quest to be italian and look appropriate for the capital of fashion, i chose to wear a new pair of wedges. now, in retrospect, this will never EVER be happening again. by the end of our 12 hour day, my ankles had given out on me three times. cobblestone streets and tired feet are not a good match.... but, in the spirit of fashion, i embraced the old adage "beauty knows no pain" and managed to make it home still wearing my wedges.

next weekend, elliot & i are off to the beautiful italian riveria to see portofino, santa margherita ligure, and cinque terre!
however, a storm has just moved into our northern region, and it looks like it will be raining all of this week. fingers crossed that it lightens up for the weekend.. otherwise, we might be bundling up for the riviera!
until next time lovelies, enjoy your week!



  1. Just love these photos. Makes me want to head across the pond stat!
    And girl...I honestly think you have the longest legs ever! :)
    XO - Marion

  2. aww thank you! everything over here just makes a perfect picture!
    thanks for stopping by :)

  3. your shorts are so cute!


  4. Beautiful legs!!!!!
    I ♥Milano...i was there in august to celebrate my birthday...
    Molto Malinconia....!!!

    1. aww thank you :)
      it is quite an interesting city!

  5. Gorgeous photos my dear!!! What is it like seeing all that grandeur in real life? Thanks so for sharing your adventures!

    1. thank you mamma :)
      seeing everything in "real life" is insane.... it is incredible how huge, grand, and spectacular some of these sights are. and that they were made so long ago! it just doesn't even make sense.


  6. thank you! life here is quite fabulous. can't complain :)

  7. That's my kind of adventure! Love those shorts!