Friday, September 21, 2012





hello lovlies. another week has gone by already in this crazy place! barcelona & paris have been booked, and classes are moving at full speed. 
and,  as of this morning, i have a new found love: italian vineyards. elliot & i went to the small town of castagnito outside of torino on a group tour to see an authentic family winery. 

oh. my. goodness. the drive in was breathtaking. within moments of leaving the crowded city, torino's landscape complete changed to rolling, grassy hills laden with small rustic villages. i have never witnessed anything so quaint or gorgeous. i didn't even know such areas existed outside of films!

the Fratelli Massuco winery was our morning's destination. this family-run winery has been in operation since the 1700s, and generations of the Massuco family work together to manually create the entire process.

after touring the vineyards (as well as picking & trying as many grapes as we pleased), we explored the winery itself. we were able to try a dolcetto wine at each step of the process. it was incredible getting to see each part of their delicate stages, from the fermenting vats to the bottling room. 

a delicious four course lunch followed soon after seeing the cellar, and then we were able to purchase their prize-winning vino rosso for only 7 euros.
 i am in love with this place.

tomorrow morning, we are off on another adventure to Milan for fashion week. i can't believe this is my life. love it!


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