Tuesday, September 4, 2012

kisses from italia

ciao lovelies! i have finally made it to the land of gelato, love & cappuccino... italy!

after staying up for over 30 hours, i was beginning to have second thoughts about the entire study abroad idea. however, a good night's sleep was the perfect cure. 
we went on a brief walking tour last night, and i am already in love with the grand piazzas, monuments, as well as the multitude of cafes. soon, we will be moving into our new neighborhood, and we will quickly become acquainted with the local open markets and shops. i can't wait!

this morning, we woke up to a traditional italian breakfast at our hotel in downtown torino. breads, cheeses, and even salamis were all a part of the buffet. the cappuccino machine was the best by far. after having two, the jet lag didn't seem too bad.

the next few weeks will definitely be an adjustment, but i am looking forward to embracing the culture of italy, from their mid afternoon siestas to evening apertivos. 

elliot & i will be co-writing together on another blog, which i will post the link to soon. don't worry, i will be keeping in touch here all along as well.

can't wait to share our next adventures!



  1. What a gift to wake up this morning to find this beautiful post! After all the time in the making....you are really there! Thank you so much for sharing your adventure... I look forward to the next installment!

    Much, much love to you my darling daughter!

  2. Love your moms blog. Good luck to you.