Tuesday, August 28, 2012

{packing for italy}

dress {forever 21}, purse {steve madden}, sandals {target}, sunglasses {ray ban}, accessories {vintage}

hello lovelies. italy is only 4 days away! (freaking out just a little..) as i've started packing, i realized that i need a few outfits to be able to toss into backpack for those spur of the moment weekend excursions to paris or barcelona.
this dress is perfect for traveling. its lightweight, super comfortable, and takes up the same room as a t-shirt in my suitcase. with the right accessories and shoes, it can go from weekend shopping to late-night date night. slipping on a pair of boots, a scarf, and a great cardigan will transition it easily into the ultimate fall outfit as well. i will definitely be getting my use out of it over these next four months in italy.
stay tuned for all of the italian adventures soon to come. only a few days left!!


Monday, August 27, 2012

{getting ready}

how is it already the last week of august ?

sorry i have been missing in action again.. apparently its been awhile since i last posted. it feels like yesterday when  i was sitting down to post about my first week of summer. now, only six days remain between me, a huge airplane, and a place called italy.

for those that don't know, my boyfriend elliot and i will be studying abroad for four months in torino, italy. the process up until this point has been quite long, from our first attempts at getting passports and visas to figuring out power adapters to buying jackets and boots for winter weather.

with some major luck, four months worth of my clothing and other travel necessities will shortly be crammed into my 50-lb weight limit suitcase. fortunately, elliot is practically packed already, and it looks like there may be some extra room in his luggage that i will be "borrowing".

One of my favorite finds: a travel journal with tips, sketch book pages, and helpful financial charts

at the moment, i don't know if i am feeling more excited or incredibly nervous at the prospect of going on a 14 hour flight to a place i have never been. like usual, my childish instincts are telling me to stay in bed and never ever leave home. but hey, its four months. if it goes by as fast as the summer did, i know that come december i will be tearfully leaving europe.

for those who wish to come along on our journey, our weekend trips, cafe stops, and daily musings will be recorded here. any travel tips or bits of advice from those experienced would be highly appreciated as well.

so with that all being said, i better get to packing.