Friday, June 15, 2012


happy friday! 
my first week of summer has been oh-so-delightful. 

summer projects are the best. I made some perfectly-pinterest triangle banners for our daddy's day bbq.

pink lemonade never fails to make me smile.

 last friday at this time, my life was in boxes at cal poly. my memory wall was the last thing to go.

 elliot and I couldn't WAIT to say good-bye to poly canyon village. I can't believe we are third years now...

our road trip home was delightful, with starbucks, sunshine, and pandora playing all the way to the o.c.

I wish there were more summers in a year. my momma gave me so many goodies!

my favorite outfit of the week: denim shirt and lace shorts.

this may be one of the greatest meals I have ever had. so glad to be home.

life rearranged