Sunday, August 7, 2011

summer days

as the summer progresses into august, its fun to look back at what the past two school-less months have been filled with. although two jobs have taken up the majority of my free time, the summer has still been sprinkled with spontaneous adventures and cherished moments.

maybe its time to start writing them down, because my mental capacity for fun memories is starting to overflow. here are some of the highlights...

saturday breakfast/adventures with my momma
    - from old town orange to laguna to san diego, our weekly search for a great breakfast has taken us all over the area. not only have we gotten to spend time together, but we've discovered new events (orange farmer's market), seen new sights ( humpback whale sculpture in laguna), and dined in new restaurants (currant in san diego).

beach days/date days with my boy
    - since the rest of my weekdays are filled with double work shifts, fridays have informally become 'date days' with my boyfriend, elliot. some of our outings include the us open of surfing, san clemente thrift store shopping, WOW planning (more on that later), a dodgers game, and balboa island.

laguna beach art walks
   - having two jobs in laguna beach makes it easy to stay connected to the summer events. my favorite summer happening comes on the first thursday of each month. during the art walk, which is from 6-9, all of the town's galleries are open for free. between the unique art and free appetizers, it's the best way to spend a thursday night

luckily, my memory wall in my room helps me to keep track of all the fun moments so far. can't wait for the next addition!



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