Wednesday, August 24, 2011

my feathered friends

my fascination with bluebirds started when i was a little girl.  on nights when i couldn't fall asleep, my dad would tell me stories of little birds and their adventures in the forest.
watching cinderella and her bluebird friends also added to my fondness for the litte creatures. how could a little girl not want perfect bluebirds to come and help her get dressed in the morning?

although the treasures i have started collecting serve no other purpose than to put a smile on my face, i think that is enough on its own.

as for my latest addition, it was recently given to me by none other than the one who started the whole thing...


Thursday, August 18, 2011

saturday wanderings

san clemente was last saturday morning's destination. my mom and i happened upon café mimosa, a quaint french cafe right on del mar street.
it now holds a personal saturday record for having the best french toast ever. we shall see if we can beat that this week...

after breakfast, we traversed some thrift stores i had discovered in the town a few weeks before. i was quite happy with the things i came away with.

  san juan's los rios district was our final stop on the way home, where we found the hidden house coffee shop. really, really adorable.

who knows what this saturday has in store!

until next time

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

my memory wall

It all started with a postcard.

Halfway through my first year of college, I realized that I was beginning to lose track of all the moments and events that were happening in the busyness of the school year.

 Original wall in my apartment

After taping a postcard from home up onto a mirror in my apartment one afternoon, I began to slowly pin  bits and pieces of special moments and funny memories to the rest of the wall.
An accumulation of ticket stubs, magazine clippings, notes, cards, and many other randomly cherished items decorated an entire wall by the end of the school year.

I was sad to dismantle the wall when it was time to move out, since it had brought me so much happiness throughout the past several months. However, I found a new place for all of the pieces once I got home.

One of the walls in my bedroom at home was covered in clipboards, so it was easy to clip all of the papers and cards up.
Now, my wall has gathered even more notes and pictures, each reminding me of a summer memory.  

I definitely plan on taking everything back with me for the upcoming school year as well. The wall will continue to acquire stories and memories as the years go on.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

summer days

as the summer progresses into august, its fun to look back at what the past two school-less months have been filled with. although two jobs have taken up the majority of my free time, the summer has still been sprinkled with spontaneous adventures and cherished moments.

maybe its time to start writing them down, because my mental capacity for fun memories is starting to overflow. here are some of the highlights...

saturday breakfast/adventures with my momma
    - from old town orange to laguna to san diego, our weekly search for a great breakfast has taken us all over the area. not only have we gotten to spend time together, but we've discovered new events (orange farmer's market), seen new sights ( humpback whale sculpture in laguna), and dined in new restaurants (currant in san diego).

beach days/date days with my boy
    - since the rest of my weekdays are filled with double work shifts, fridays have informally become 'date days' with my boyfriend, elliot. some of our outings include the us open of surfing, san clemente thrift store shopping, WOW planning (more on that later), a dodgers game, and balboa island.

laguna beach art walks
   - having two jobs in laguna beach makes it easy to stay connected to the summer events. my favorite summer happening comes on the first thursday of each month. during the art walk, which is from 6-9, all of the town's galleries are open for free. between the unique art and free appetizers, it's the best way to spend a thursday night

luckily, my memory wall in my room helps me to keep track of all the fun moments so far. can't wait for the next addition!