Wednesday, October 8, 2014


It's been almost a week and a half, and I still can't believe I am engaged to my very best friend. I didn't even see it coming, which might even be more surprising! 

Our perfect day started off as a photo shoot. You see, a friend had contacted us a few weeks ago asking if we could help her out and be models for a couple's photo shoot. Obviously, I thought it would be a great way to get some cute pictures and help a friend out! Well, little did I know that I wasn't the one organizing this... Elliot had already been in contact with her and had her reach out to me to make me THINK that I was the one setting it all up. So sneaky.

So on September 27th, we got dressed up and drove over to Irvine Regional Park, and beautiful little wilderness park in Orange County. We met Alicia, our photographer there, and began taking photos at different areas she had picked out around the park. 

She finally takes us to a little lake, and asks us to walk up to the bridge so that she can take shots of us there. As we are walking up the hill, I notice the most adorable picnic set up on the bank of the water. I kept thinking, "How perfectly romantic that someone would set that up?!" I swear, it never even crossed my mind that this was set up for me. As we got closer to the bridge, Elliot pulled me toward the picnic blanket instead. At that moment, everything started clicking.. I recognized the blanket.. the champagne.. the flowers.. and before I knew it he was holding my hands and I was shaking.

After sweet moments of perfect words, he was on his knee asking me to marry him. I was the happiest girl in the world, and of course I said yes! 

Alicia captured the entire thing, and Elliot's brother caught the moment on his GoPro, too. We continued to take more photos after, and finished up in the pumpkin patch. He even knew how much I loved pumpkins and planned certain pictures to take there!

Here are some of my favs from the perfect day.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

{flower power diy}

a few weeks ago, i spent a little diy time with my mom. what better summer project than to make a flower crown? after getting some pinterest inspiration, we took a trip to the craft store to pick out some flowers.
i wanted to make one with a vintage, boho feel, so i picked blooms in cremes, yellows, and oranges. i threw in a few baby pink roses at the end to round out the look.
flower wreaths are so simple to make... all it takes is a headband, a few flowers, and a glue gun!

aren't summer projects fun? 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


dress {h&m} shoes {target} purse {kate spade} flower wreath {vintage}

oh what a day. last week, my best friend and i made a little trip to beverly hills for an open house party at BHLDN. the evening was gorgeous. we sipped champagne and nibbled on macarons while looking at their collection of beautiful wedding gowns. the whole event was such a treat. my dear friend hannah and i decided that the occasion called for the perfect outfits, so i was fortunate enough to borrow a vintage flower wreath from my mom. she made the piece from antique flowers from my great grandmother, which made it even better! 

with my flower crown and baby doll dress, i felt like a princess [the dress was borrowed from my best of course].  it's always a treat to get all dolled up, and what better reason than for an evening in beverly hills!


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

c'est la vie


well hello there. as you may have guessed... i am very late to posting these pictures. after leaving europe, i got so caught up with holidays and school and life that i completely forgot about our weekend in paris. our europe 2012 adventure wouldn't be complete without that amazing thanksgiving weekend.

i miss this place so dearly. walking around with pain au chocolat, mingling in the open markets, and sipping champagne beneath the eiffel tower all seems like a dream... elliot and I  even avoided transportation as much as possible in order to walk the streets, trying to soak up every part of the city. my favorite part: seeing the eiffel tower from every spot in the city. and yes, the tower is as beautiful as it seems in pictures. ahhh... i can't wait to go back. hopefully it won't be too long!